Where were you while we were getting high?
Our main activity, back in the mad fer it days, was publishing a fanzine called Wonderwall, created out of a passion for Oasis and Gallaghers — not expecting to make a profit, but just trying to cover the costs of prints and postage.
Our readers from April 1996 to June 2010 experienced the joy of a stapled bundle of 24 pages printed showing up in the mailbox at four to six months intervals.

Wonderwall fanzines from 1996 to 2010

About technical info, each issue was printed typographically with professional graphic layout, 24 pages in A4 size format; except issue 1 that was photocopied 48 pages and A5 sized.

“A very nice magazine”
(Noel Gallagher, May 2005)


Don't Look Back Box

Don’t Look Back Box Set (complete 34 Oasis fanzines collection)Don’t Look Back Box Set (complete 34 Oasis fanzines collection)

  • Kyle Dale
    A real quality boxset here to hold each fanzine issue from 1996 to 2010. Oasis fans club have put serious effort into the quality of this set. Comes with a load of extras too and a great service
    Kyle Dale
    Dunfermline, UK

Don't Look Back Box
Don't Look Back Box Set contains all 34 issues typographically printed Wonderwall fanzines (from 1996 to 2010).
Issue #1 (not included and sold out) was a bunch of photocopied A5 sheets with first 2 albums lyrics.
The box set is made of heavy cardboard, finely printed with old Oasis graphic style in a strictly limited edition.
Includes also Oasis Fans Club stickers set and pin.
Dimension of box set is 24×33×8 cm, weight is about 4kg.