Issue 38 of Wonderwall fanzine is a special issue fully dedicated to NOEL GALLAGHER'S third album “Who Built The Moon?”

24 pages full colour print contains all official lyrics, full discography, Gareth Halliday interview and unseen pictures


Who Built The Moon? fanzine

  • Gareth Halliday
    It’s really worth checking out if you’re a fan of Noel Gallagher or Oasis and want something unique and a work of passion for your collection
    Gareth Halliday
    Artist for NGHFB Who Built The Moon? releases
  • Steve Buckley
    I’m really pleased with it. The booklet is great quality and contains lyrics and lots of other info and articles
    Steve Buckley
    Northwich, UK
  • Trevor Davies
    Just got my Noel Who Built The Moon and Liam As You Were fanzines, look amazing, keep up the good work
    Trevor Davies
    Oldam, UK
  • Giuseppe Vito Lepore
    A beautiful fanzine to enrich my collection! I love it! Thanks Oasis Fans Club
    Giuseppe Vito Lepore
    Bari, Italy
  • Jamie Spain
    Superb quality and great value for money. The photos are amazing and the attention to detail is second to none, a must have for any fan or collector
    Jamie Spain
    Derby, UK


Exclusive pictures by Henry Ruggeri and Mathias Marchioni:
- Grand Hotel Majestic, Bologna (9 July 2019)
- Blues Festival, Pistoia (8 July 2019)
- Primo Maggio, Roma (1 May 2019)
- Fabrique, Milan (11 April 2018)


Printed in April 2020. For emotional use only.
Very special thanks to: Gareth Halliday
Layout by Fabio D’Antonio
Thanks to: Giuseppe Vito Lepore, Davide Tamburini, Davide Clemente, Giacomo and Andrea (Live Nation Italy)